Monday, March 12, 2007

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If it happens???? There will be War

Unbelievable happenings this week in the World of darts. Once again the game gets bad publicity with a former World Champion unable to fulfil his fixture and the tabloids certainly went to town on that. I wish him well and a speedy recovery though as big Andy is a nice chap and a total gentleman but its a pity this happened and as I say it looks bad on the BDO and darts worldwide.

The man who has won nothing Mr. George launched his book this week too and what a bitter read it is. If you are a PDC fan get it if you like a bit of comedy and if you are a BDO fan get it as there is plenty of bitterness in it. If you are a total darts fan get it too and make your own mind up on it.

The PDC awards dinner took place in the Dorchester last night and what a night was had. Big Phil Jones waved goodbye to the PDC and along with life John Raby member joined the PDC hall of fame and deservedly too. It was an expensive night at the Dorchester with a bacard and coke a vodka and coke and 2 glasses of champagne costing £60. Daylight robbery. Taylor got player of the year with Barney winning fans player of the year. The 14 players who made the original break from the BDO in 1993 and who went on to win the court case about restraint of trade got honoured by receiving life membership into the sport of darts by independent bodies and this I must say brought a tear to alot of eyes coz without those 14 the PDC would not be here today. These people lost a lot of friends in 1993 and as I say deserved this and well done again. For those of you who dont know who those 14 were they are. Phil Taylor, Eric Bristowe,John Lowe,Jocky Wilson,Alan Warriner,Jamie Harvey,Keith Deller,Rod Harrington,Cliff Lazarenko,Dennis Priestley,Bob Anderson,Peter Evison,Kevin Spiolek and Ritchie Gardner. Well done lads. The professional game owes it all to you. James Wade won the best young player but you can check out more about the awards on the PDC website.

Going back to the title of this blog. If it happens there will be war was in relation to the name being flung about for the last wild card into the 2007 premier league. I am not mentioning any names but if he gets the last spot in the league it will cause some serious aggro. Again I'll watch this space and make your own mind up if it is. Lets just say he is currently playing in the BDO. Only a rumour but Barney coming over was only a rumour this time last year too.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Best Tournament Ever.....

What a World Championships we had since it kicked off on the 18th December. A record number of 180's. A record in the amount of games pushed to the sudden death leg. A record in averages and without doubt a record in one of the best finals ever held. Credit to Van Barneveld in defeating Taylor last night and I'm sure Den Haag cane to a stand still at 10.40pm last night when he nailed that double top.

Dont know about you but I thought that although he went into a 3.0 lead that The Power seemed rattled. In his walk on he looked out of character grinning and laughing. The orange shirt that he changed half way through and his constant effort in the last set to lose Barneveld on his concentration. I watched the re match today and this was clearly evident. Taylors daughter was in the front row. Why? There is a players table for family and friends. His averaged dropped from 112 after the 3rd set to 96 after the 4th. Why? What a dip he had for it to drop that dramatically. All out of character for the 13 time champion and all of which may have contributed to his downfall. Taylor also turned around after the 12th set and shook hands with some random punter in the crowd. Why? 3 times in the one year Barneveld has done Taylor in the last leg. Again as I say I dont know about you but I think Barney may have Taylors number and if the rumours of a change of venue are true which it seems they are how ironic is it that Phil Taylor loses his first and last final at the Circus Tavern. First time I've seen him throw away a 3 set lead. First time I've seen him almost hit off the board going for double 16 in set 13. Maybe, and I only say maybe that The Power finally fell victim to his own success and let the pressure get to him. Barneveld was fantastic and dont get me wrong but the only reason he got back in was because of Taylors seemingly complacent attitude from set 4 onwards where he lost 3 sets with the throw to a 3.0 scoreline.
Taylor is still a better player than Barneveld and there is no question about that but it was Barneveld who woke up this morning and you'd forgive him for having a smile on his face.........The reason for that smile would be that he just beat the Greatest player the World will ever see in The Biggest Dart Match in history and to do it in Taylors office would add to the width of the big Dutchmans grin. He re wrote the history books and well done Barney.

I apoligise for my NAP going down. It was my first NAP in 7 that did go down due to Burnetts defeat to Roy and although I'm not one to make excuses there is no way you can legislate a professional dart player and former BDO champion hitting 1 out of 24 attempts at a double. Considering Roy hit 9 out of 20. A professional dart player will always aim for a between 27% to 55% checkout percentage whereas 1 out of 24 comes in at an amazing 4.1%.

Irish man Mick McGowan, Derbyshires Colin Osborne and Lancashires Alan Tabern did very well indeed and will now find themselves in the top 32 as I predicted they would what with the order of merit kicking in yesterday.

Anyway ladies and gents I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy 2007. My website may be closed for serious ADJUSTMENTS in the next 2 weeks so watch this space within the coming weeks for what I think will be interesting developments in the darts world. We're off to Newcastle this Friday as the circuit continues with the UK regional qualifier on the quest to the Reebok that is now hotting up.

PS I'm looking forward to the BDO's attempt this year.
Wonder why King was at the Tavern last week?????????????