Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Enough Rubbish...Now to the serious stuff

Ok lads that time of the year that everyone loves is here. The season
of good will and all that but also the season of both versions of the
Darts World Championships. Only 5 days to go now until Irelands Mick
McGowan stands on the purfleet stage for the first time and the last
time may I add as the PDC world darts championship will be moved to a
more modern venue next year with Central London and Bournemouth in
pole position to win the right to stage it. The world championship is
where any PDPA player wants to be and with the order of merit
starting in January it is the place you have to be.

I'm glad the venue is changing to be honest as anyone who has been to
Purfleet will tell you that although the atmosphere is second to none
the area around the venue is a total kip with nothing nearby only a
tiny garage and a £10 a night hotel.

It kicks off on Monday lads and I've wrote out the prices that Stan
James are offering currently and feel free to look and post your
comments with your NAP and between us all we can get a few winners.

PDC Championship 1st Rnd Matches (click here to open|close this
coupon) Selection Price Price Selection
18 Dec 13:00 Baxter, Ronnie 1/10 5/1 Gray, Adrian
18 Dec 14:00 Maish, Steve 1/8 9/2 Havenga, Wynand
18 Dec 15:00 Jenkins, Terry 1/10 5/1 Lawrence, Mark
18 Dec 16:00 Clark, Matt 11/4 2/9 Mcgowan, Mick
18 Dec 19:00 Mason, Chris 2/7 9/4 Atwood, Wayne
18 Dec 20:00 Part, John 1/10 5/1 Green, Alan
18 Dec 21:00 Taylor, Phil 1/200 25/1 Pein, Anton
18 Dec 22:00 Manley, Peter 1/7 4/1 Jowett, Dave
19 Dec 13:00 Walsh, Mark 4/6 11/10 Vonck, Rico
19 Dec 14:00 Bates, Barrie 1/12 11/2 Cyr, Brain
19 Dec 15:00 Anderson, Bob 2/5 7/4 Webster, Darren
19 Dec 16:00 Ovens, Denis 4/9 13/8 Smith, Steve
19 Dec 19:00 Warriner-Little, Alan 5/6 5/6 Tabern, Alan
19 Dec 20:00 Lloyd, Colin 1/10 5/1 Seyler, Tomas
19 Dec 21:00 Barneveld, Raymond 1/40 10/1 Clegg, Mitchell
19 Dec 22:00 Lewis, Adrian 1/14 6/1 Fleet, Anthony
20 Dec 13:00 Jones, Wayne 1/8 9/2 Branks, Ian
20 Dec 14:00 Sams, Lionel 4/9 13/8 Ladley, Dave
20 Dec 15:00 Monk, Colin 8/11 EVS Laursen, Per
20 Dec 16:00 Hamilton, Andy 1/5 3/1 Welding, Gary
20 Dec 19:00 Beaton, Steve 4/11 15/8 Convery, Gerry
20 Dec 20:00 Priestley, Dennis 1/7 4/1 Schenk, Josephus
20 Dec 21:00 Mardle, Wayne 1/8 9/2 Caves, Alan
20 Dec 22:00 Wade, James 1/20 7/1 French, Warren
21 Dec 13:00 Askew, Dave 1/2 6/4 Burchell, Martin
21 Dec 14:00 Smith, Andy 1/33 9/1 Yongsheng, Shi
21 Dec 15:00 Newton, Wes 1/40 10/1 Wada, Tetsuya
21 Dec 16:00 Jenkins, Andy 1/10 5/1 Davis, Bill
21 Dec 19:00 Dudbridge, Mark 8/15 11/8 Kuczynski, John
21 Dec 20:00 Scholten, Roland 1/33 9/1 Miller, Ron
21 Dec 21:00 Painter, Kevin 4/7 5/4 Osborne, Colin
21 Dec 22:00 Roy, Alex 4/6 11/10 Burnett, Richie

You know the NAP I have put down but there are one or two others that
stand out for me.
Colin Osbourne at 5/4 is tempting and John Kuczynski too at 11/8. The
American Bill Davis at 5/1 is worth a fiver too and one guy who I
left out as well is Martin Burchell who was outstanding in Birmingham
and he sits on 6/4 awaiting the play the Diamond that is Dave Askew.


Anonymous said...

Keep digging that big hole...

Alan Keoghan said...

Ok lads I didn't want to get caught up in this. K.L knows me better than that but if ya want to do that we will. A head to head €5000 a man match will not be a problem what so ever. Best of 41 legs. Neutral venue sounds logical. Winner take all. We'll do it in the new year sometime. You get a contract drawn up and we'll play it on a free weekend away from the PDPA calendar. Contact me directly on this one as any more comments after this relating this matter will not be published.

Anonymous said...

Just a short comment to all the idiots who have posted abusive & personal comments on this blog about Alan Keoghan. This man has done more than any other person in this country for the game of darts so he deserves respect for this! As far as i can see all this abuse comes from pure jealousy from a few narrow minded people who are too wrapped up in their own little bubbles to realise the ammont of work that Alan puts in...maybe those abusers should do a little bit more for the game instead of knocking those who do!!!

murray said...


Somebody needs to go toe to toe with you with this tipping lark Keoghan. I’m gonna take you on in every round and we’ll see who is showing the most profit to a €10per bet stake at the end. The way I see it the first round is crying out for the old reliables to be backed and even though there are a lot of very short odds players around 1/7 some of these are actually a bet at these odds. I have gone for an 9 man accummulator at odds of 3/1 with PaddyPowers which should set me up nicely for the 2nd Round.


Apple Tart said...

A head to head in the Deiseland might just be what the county needs to re unite it a bit. You'd get a great crowd for that. Is that county Waterford or the city of Waterford does anyone know?