Thursday, December 14, 2006

Last Junes Blog....

See below my blog from the 13th June 2006. My site as you will all remember was re-vamped in August so this is why its unavailable in archives. I hope this indicates that I do not hold personal grudges as oppose to just writing on player performance.

I have simply copied and pasted this to my current blog.

UK done for another year.

Raymond Van Barneveld had his maiden PDC TV win at the Reebok stadium on Sunday last with an emphatic win over Welsh man Barrie Bates. It's my favourite tournament every year and this one was no exception. Alan Tabern, Barrie Bates and Mr Magoo were the limelight stealers all weekend after exceptional performances. Wozza was done by his good mate Colin Lloyd despite troubles with the so-called perfect boards the Eclipse. England fluking a win against Paraguay meant that Saturday didn't kick off until 5pm which made it slightly longer this year but we got through it.

With the exception of Mr.Magoo the Irish lads did not do to good. Only Mick McGowan and Tom Kirby made it through which was surprising since we have a few PDPA players around now that are capable. Dennis Mac only came within 1 game last year of making the Worlds while Big J is also capable. Mick was done 8.7 to Walshie while Tom was done by the same score line to Andy Callaby. Two players I'd like to see here next year are Dublin's number 1 and my own cities number 1. Two Great players with one having joined the nine-dart club I believe in the last year. Dartitis may have to be overcome if he is to gain qualification but as it is only slight I think that will be achieved easy enough (here's hoping). Dartitis is cruel if left get on top of you but I'm hoping he will, as we know he does have the game and I'd love to see someone from my town play at the highest stage. The other one is Dublin's joy at the moment and is making waves and was recently announced as Irelands number one and although he is not in the PDPA as yet with the ability and dedication he has he certainly should be.

With Connecticut over now and the UK open too its withdrawal symptoms time now and although the circuit is still active with the Isle of Wight next week we now have to wait until the Matchplay for TV darts which are the tournaments that will get everyone going. Although Barney won this weekend he know has to go to the qualifiers for the Matchplay, as do Tom and Mick.

We have to do it all over again lads.

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twodog said...

Alan Keoghan is a rebel, he's a class act and he stands up to bullies.

Da Irish said...

always back the twodog.
alan keoghan is my hero

stay in school kids, drugs are for mugs!

Derek Davis said...

Richie Burnett, you sir are an idiot.

Ah well sure at least Irish Mick McGowan is through. He will do Taylor in the next round. You heard it here first. Go on Mick boy. It will be like Stuttgart in 1988 all over again. Go on the Irish.

I'm off to watch some re-runs of "Live at Three" with the wonderful Thelma.

Best Wishes for the future old buddy Alan, we will have a laugh again when we meet up.

Big Derek Davis